Treasure Hunt 2019

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.AUGUST 19th - Once again the weather forecasters, it would seem, were about to be proved completely wrong as the rain that was forecast didn't materialise. Instead it was a really pleasant day, though there was a bit of a breeze. Twenty-four members gathered at the Swan Hotel in Maldon High Street for the start of a treasure hunt planned and arranged by Brian Leith who was ably assisted by Gill Reeves, who over the past four of five months had given up her time to help Brian find the clues that formed the base of the treasure hunt. Completing the search, members gradually returned to the Swan Hotel and assembled in a room that had been set aside for them where they had a light lunch, which was followed by cakes and fancies supplied by Christine Pearce to celebrate her birthday. Outright winner was Joy Chambers, while coming in a valiant 24th was Mike Jennings. (Report: Brian Leith, Photos: Bill Reeves)


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