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JULY 19th it was a bright sunny day when 47 members, having booked for the day out to Southwold, gathered at the various pick-up points starting at Hutton Chequers at 9.40. At each stop, the members were ready and waiting which made for a good start to the day. We were fortunate to have Kevin as our driver who has has done this particular run for us at least three times and whom I have always found to be very obliging. The roads were quiet and the journey to Chillesford, where at around noon, David the owner of The Froize warmly welcomed the members, most of whom made a bee-line for the bar. Lunch was up to his usual standard and it was clear by the clean plates that it was well received. There was a little time for strolling around the extensive land attached to The Froize, before the group was on its way to Southwold.

Again the traffic was light and a little over an hour we arrived at our destination. Some members opted to stay on the coach and were taken to the pier.

The matinee performance of the play The End of the Line, a comedy by Patrick Marlowe was amusing and the four members of the cast performed well.

The group was on its way around 7.30 pm and arrived back in Brentwood. Remarkably, there had been a very positive weather forecast, which suggested it was going to be wet for virtually the whole day, but there had been little sign of such inclement weather, in fact the reverse was the case, with plenty of sunshine and a very pleasant breeze that kept the temperature at a comfortable level and certainly no sign of any rain.

 (Report: Brian Leith; Photos: Bill Reeves)




Top left: David, welcomes members to the Froize

Top centre: Just about to get lunch

Top right: Early starters settle down to deliciious lunch

Middle left: Pre prandial drinks

Middle below: Diners enjoy the atmosphere

Middle right: Lunch in full swing

Bottom left: Relaxing post lunch

Bottom centre: A stroll round the grounds of the Froize

Bottom left: Enjoying the bracing air on the pier at Southwold

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