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OCTOBER, 2013 - The upper part known as the Castle village is entered through this 15 meter long, man made, tunnel through solid rock called the ‘Portal de San José and it is a much photographed part of Guadalest as the tunnel frames photographs wonderfully. Guadalest was in existence during the time of the Muslim occupation of Spain in the thirteenth century and was itself occupied by the Moors. It came into the hands Bernardo de Sarrià in 1293 when King Jamie II after its conquest gave the castle of Guadalest to the Sarrià family. It remained in the family’s hands for 42 years during this period the castle and all the county belonged to the Sarrià family. Guadalest was given to a succession of noble families until in 1543 when the king and queen D. Carlos and Dª. Juana gave Don Sancho de Cardona and his descendants the permanent title of Marquis of Guadalest.

The last Cardona, Marquis of Guadalest, died in 1699 without any descendants. The views from the main square in Guadalest is breathtaking and is the centre of attraction when visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy amazing visit and that is during its main fiesta. There are fiestas throughout the year but the main one being in honour of the Virgin of the Assumption is held in August (14th to 17th), during which you will be able to enjoy spectacular firework displays, parades, processions and dances. Also in the town square is the tiny town hall which was formerly a courthouse and prison.

(Best wishes Hilda Bennett)

guadalest77 guadalest2 guadalest1

Above left: Entrance to a graveyard


Above centre: Guadalest


Above right: Portal de San Jose


Left: The Portal seen from the inside


Right: The main square


Bottom left: The graveyard


Bottom centre: Rock of Alcala


Bottom right: The town hall

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