Costa Rica

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MARCH, 2014 - We travelled through five distinctly different regions in this small country. From hot, dry San Jose, the capital, we travelled through humid rainforest islands accessible only by boat, wet forests on the mainland, up into the hills to the foot of an almost dormant volcano and south to a cloud forest at 3000 metres above sea level where the air was noticeably thinner. We had managed to see all the items on our “wish list” for the trip - humming birds, poison dart frogs, as many of the indigenous and exotic birds as possible and – of course- the famous Resplendent Quetzal, worshipped by the ancient Aztecs and Mayans.

Some special memories include: Hearing the tropical rain thundering on our roof in the tropical rainforest; being awoken by the bark of howler monkeys; the sweet, creamy taste of newly cut pineapple in a plantation which cuts 54,000 perfectly ripe pineapples every single day; crossing the wobbly, hanging bridges over deep ravines in the forests; seeing coffee beans drying in the sun; tasting chocolate made from the surrounding cacao trees; the view of Arenal volcano from our log cabin window; and the flash of yellow high in the forest trees from the beak of a chestnut mandible toucan. A wonderful trip! (Best wishes from Valerie Webb)

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