As more and more of us "sign-up" for the Internet, new web sites are created daily, and though many of them have little or no practical use for our members who possibly only use the Internet for sending and receiving emails, some can be very useful. Below with a brief description of their uses are some that may prove useful. Some are quirky, some are just for fun and some may be just what you have been looking for. I have only selected those websites that are free, although some have only a 30-day free trial, after which you may be required to purchase it. If you have any favourites, I would pleased to show them on this page. Just e-mail the link to me at info@brentwoodu3a.org.uk. with a brief description of its use. Click on the URL addresses to access the sites. BL

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URL address (link)

Brief description of its use
Old Bailey


http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/forms/formMain.jsp Here is a site that provides access to nearly 200,000 verbatim reports of cases that have been tried at the Old Bailey between 1674-1913. It is fully indexed and you may select trials by date, seriousness of the crime, location of the crime and by name of offender. It is also possible to read facsimiles of the actual documents though this is quite difficult unless you are conversant with the old style English.
Bus routes


http://www.quickmap.com/movie1liv.htm For members who travel on buses in London this can be a very handy web site. It shows the bus routes that fan out from Liverpool Street and other mainline stations. Animated numbers representing the routes the buses take, travel outwards along the roads on a map of the area, making it very easy to see which number bus you want to get to any given part of central London. This is well worth adding to your list of favourite sites.  
Art and Letters Daily (RM) http://www.aldaily.com/ Make yourself a cup of tea, and make sure that you are sitting comfortably before opening this link. I think just about every topic under the sun has a reference, and it is updated on a daily basis. I found the link to Global Warming (http://climatedebatedaily.com) particularly interesting.


www.snopes.com/ Most of us have probably received an email from a well-intentioned friend that contains a warning about opening another email titled in a particular way that will take control of our computer and wreak havoc in our box of tricks. Usually we are urged to send the warning on to all those in our address books, but in fact the only damage done is to clog up the "airwaves" by doing so. Snopes deliberates on the validity of such claims, and is also a huge source of amusing urban myths, most of which are indeed just that - myths.

 Submitted by: BL=Brian Leith, RM=Rosemary Morris


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