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2010 - Evening Dining Group

2010 - Display of arts and crafts

2010 - Theatre Group Three to Cambridge

2010 - Miss Wilmott's Garden

2010 - Painting and Drawing Group Art Exhibition

2010 - Theatre Group III Sonning outing

2010 - Theatre Group III Weekend at Salisbury

2010 - East Anglian Studies Group celebration

2010 - Christmas Tree Decoration



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DECEMBER 2010 - Brentwood U3A took part in competition for the best Christmas Tree decoration - report to come. (Photos: John Franey)




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NOVEMBER 2010 - Members of the East Anglian Studies Group were pleased to get together at Mulberry House, on the A414, near Ongar, to celebrate the birthday of their Convenor, Holly Vidler. Holly, pictured below with the mauve top, was the first Convener of the Group in February 1993, and has looked after the interest of its members ever since.




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SEPTEMBER 2010 - Twenty members of Theatre Group Three enjoyed a break in Salisbury recently, arranged by Convenor Judith Finn. The weekend was not without its problems however, when a horrendous traffic jam on the M25 affected most members starting out on their journeys. The problem was an oil spillage just beyond the QEII Bridge on the clockwise direction which led to some members taking up to two hours to travel between the Brook Street roundabout and the bridge. Two members, finding it impossible to even get onto the M25 returned home and made their way to Salisbury by train. Once past the hold up the journey became more acceptable. Fortunately this was the only set back in an otherwise perfect weekend. After dinner at the hotel the group attended the Salisbury Playhouse where they saw the John Mortimer play "A Journey Round My Father". The next day, Saturday, Judith had arranged a conducted tour of the city as well as one of the cathedral. For some, the highlight of the weekend was a guided tour of "Arundells," the  home of Ted Heath. The house has been maintained exactly as it was when the Prime Minister was alive. A fine dinner in the evening at a restaurant in the centre of Salisbury - "The Coach and Horses" - concluded an enjoyable weekend that had been blessed with fine, sunny weather, though a chill wind kept the temperature low. All agreed that apart from the traffic problem the weekend was a great success, and look forward to the next annual weekend away. (Report: Brian Leith)



Above left: Ken and Jenny (Photo: Brian Leith)

Above centre: Waiting for dinner (Photo: Brian Leith)

Above right: Waiting for dinner too (Photo: Brian Leith)

Left: Judith tells us a bedtime story (Photo: Peter Ely)

Centre: Arundells, Ted Heath's house (Photo: Peter Ely)

Right: The magnificent Salisbury Cathedral (Photo: Brian Leith)



Below: left: A birthday celebration (Photo: Brian Leith)

Below centre: Cheers! (Photo: Brian Leith)

Below right: Time to put your feet up (Photo: Brian Leith)


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JULY 2010 - The annual pilgrimage to the Mill at Sonning was again an outstanding success. Convenor Judith Finn left nothing to chance and even managed to control the weather which was warm and sunny all day. Sixteen members set out by coach around 9.30 am, and after a short coffee break en route and having manoeuvred around several traffic holdups arrived in time for lunch at the Mill. The play by Neil Simon, "I ought to be in pictures" was brilliant and the three artists of the cast were outstanding in their roles. An easy ride brought members back to Brentwood by 6.oo pm.  (Report and photo: Brian Leith)




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JUNE 2010 - At June's monthly meeting students of Myra Bruce's Painting and Drawing Group displayed their skills in the Gwendoline Lewis room. More than 40 paintings were on display covering a wide range of subjects. Many of her pupils are the first to admit that before joining Myra's class they had little or no idea about painting and drawing, but it is evident from the work that was on display that her teaching skills have benefited those who attend her classes. Below are three examples of the level that has been attained by three of her pupils. (Report and photos: Brian Leith)




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MARCH 2010 - During February and March Fiona Agassiz  organised and led walks around Warley Place for Brentwood U3A members. Fiona explained the history of the house and gardens, once the home of Ellen Willmott, and the walks coincided with magnificent displays of snowdrops and later daffodils. The picture below shows Fiona standing, centre, with one of the groups. Warley Place is now an Essex Wildlife Trust nature reserve and for those who have not been there it is really worth a visit. (Report Peter Ely, Photo: Owen Randall)



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MARCH 2010 - Twenty-one members of TG3 recently journeyed to Cambridge to see "Wife after Death," a new comedy by Eric Chappell starring Tom Conti (it is soon to go to the Wend End). As will be seen the group also enjoyed an excellent meal at the Doubletree Hotel prior to the performance. Whilst not being able to match the trials of TG1 getting home from London recently when an incident on the line caused a shutdown of the service from Liverpool Street, we did have a major detour because part of the M11 was closed for overnight works. This doubled the journey time from an hour journey to nearer two. (Report: Peter Ely, Photos: Brian Leith)




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JANUARY 2010 - Eleven members of the recently-formed Evening Dining Group had their second outing and enjoyed a very pleasant evening (arranged by Convenor, Jane Mitchinson), at The Cuckoo, Radley Green (the first was to The Bull at Blackmore). The Cuckoo is run by Annette and her partner Brendan, who have developed a real following locally after having had a bistro in Mountnessing; run the Wheatsheaf in High Ongar (appearing in the Michelin and Egon Ronay guides); and finally, purchasing The Cuckoo, in September 2009. At the time of the purchase, The Cuckoo, a rather remote country pub, was badly run down and in need of a great deal of work to bring it up to the comfortable and very welcoming restaurant that it is today. The couple have a regular clientele that has followed them around, having developed a deep appreciation for Annette’s ability to create a great ambience and Brendon’s skill in delivering exquisite dishes. The evening went with a swing and all agreed that the food was absolutely first class. (Report: Brian Leith, Photo: Peter Ely)




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JANUARY 2010 - Following the official business of the Annual General Meeting members were able to view some of the handicrafts that were on display. These had been made within some of the Groups currently in existence in Brentwood U3A and others had been made at home outside the listed Groups. (Photos: John Franey)


A magnificent display of marquetry.

A selection of by members of the card group

A collection of drawings and paintings,

The painting and drawing group were well represented

A display of what can be done with many different types of wood.

It is difficult to judge how many hours had been spent on the building of this model

A collection of knitted clothes which some members thought had been made for dolls. They were in fact knitted for premature babies and have been passed on to the premature baby unit at St Johns Hospital, Chelmsford.

The intricate work in the making of these models and the minute detail such as the cues and balls on the snooker table were amazing.


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