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FEBRUARY 14th, 2019 - Thirty-six members attended an interesting film show at the Bank of England during which a young lady informed us of the history of the Bank of England and followed with an insight of how the creators of the paper money (though it is now acrilic). It was remarkable the lengths that are gone to in the manufacture of these notes and it would seem up to now that it is almost impossible to forge. Following a break for lunch taken in the various food outlets and restaurants in the area, the members reassembled for a tour of The Mansion House. We were greeted by John Davies who was our guide for the afternoon. The interior was absolutely opulent with magnificent chandeliers, wonderful plastered ceilings and a collection of very rare paintings. Our guide was informative and very entertaining and we finished up in the vaults where numerous glass display cases housed some truly magnificent examples of golden tableware, mayors' maces and gifts from various dignitories, from past visits to the Mayors down the years. (Reports: Brian Leith, Photos: Bill Reeves)



1. Beautiful ceiling above the rotunda

2. An example of some of the uses for gold in the vault

3. visitors were able to experience the wieght of a solid bar of gold

4. Members in the rotunda wait for the start of the film about the history of the Bank

5. More members in the rotunda

5. Even more

6. A ceremonial flag


7. Lathe used to create printing blocks for notes

MANSION HOUSE Geometric Lathe at the Bank of England used to create printing blocks for bank notesA

8. The facade of the Mansion House

9. Some of the extremely valuable of paintings that were found throughout the building

10. Members in the conference room

11. The Mayor's "throne" from which he/she welcomes guests

13. Another example of one of the paintings

14. A beautiful mantle clock - a gift from a visitor

15. One of many windows

16. Another gift of a mantle clock

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