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On this page: Interesting talk on costumes - Astronomy Group Visit - Art Exhibition
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SEPTEMBER - Once again members of Myra Bruce's Painting and Drawing Group put on a brilliant display of their exhibits in the Gwendoline Lewis Room. The exhibition was clear evidence of the skill of the members and below is a small selection of their work. Unfortunately the room was very bright making it difficult to take the pictures without some reflection. (Report and photos Brian Leith)
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JULY - Led by Astronomy Group Convenor, Geoff Towler, 28 people visited the Teledyne e2V site at Chelmsford. The company is a world leaders in manufacturing silicon CCD and CMOS sensors for astronomical imaging. The group was treated to four presentations on their sensors that are used in many space programmes. The European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded them numerous contracts, but they have also done work for NASA. The projects discussed were:

The Large aperture Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) that scans the entire Southern sky every three nights.

The GAIA project that has produced a 3D map of the Milky Way containing a thousand million stars.

The Euclid ESA +NASA project that is looking at the expansion of the Universe over 10 billion light years.

The Plato ESA mission that is looking to detect exo-planets and signs for habitable life.

The Rosetta project that was a mission to a comet for observation and landing.

The New Horizons mission to Pluto which with the help of e2V sensors gave us high resolution coloured images of the dwarf planet.

Finally a presentation on ground-based astronomy using active optics and lasers to eliminate the twinkling of stars and obtain a clearer image.

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JULY - Despite it being a sweltering hot afternoon Karen Bowman looked stunning in a Tudor-style dress which she wore surrounded by seven mannequins, whilst delivering a fascinating talk entitled "Outrageous Fashions." Her talk highlighted the changes through the ages and some of the methods used to "enhance" the female form and during Henry VIII's time, that of the male form.     (Report and photos: Brian Leith)

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