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December - Theatre Group I Christmas lunch

November - East Anglian Studies Group ~ Great Warley

November - Convenors' "Do"

July - Digital Imaging Group

January - Sir John Mills Theatre, Ipswich


December - Hyland House

October - Convenors' Evening



 July - Self-help Computer Group Presentation

DECEMBER 2006 - Theatre Group One Convened by Barbara Dennehy, finished an active year of visits to theatres in many towns including the West End with a meeting at which a surprise visitor dropped in. 




There was something vaguely familiar about the figure in the red outfit and Annette Dwyer-Joyce standing, above, expressed her belief that she knew him very well.  (Photos: Harry Dennehy) 

NOVEMBER 2006 - Great Warley. The East Anglian Studies Group has been in existence for more than ten years and during that time there have been numerous interesting talks and trips (one almost  every month). The group numbering around 12 people have taken part in outings to many buildings, towns and villages, mostly in Essex, and to places they probably would not consider visiting themselves. Members are looking forward to another interesting programme of visits for 2007.

Members of the Group assemble outside St Mary's Church, Great Warley. This church built in the art nouveau style, is referred to locally as the mother of pearl church because of the butterfly decorations and mosaics throughout its interior. In the Art Journal of 1905 the church was referred to as "the most beautiful building at unity with itself." (Photo: Unknown)
NOVEMBER 2006. Convenors gathered at Bob and Annette Dwyer-Joyce's for the annual get-together aimed at thanking them for the work that they put in during the year on behalf of the members of their Groups. Joining them were members of the Committee. Once again Social Secretary Annette provided a fine supper which was followed by a selection of delicious desserts contributed by some of the members. Thanking the Convenos, Bob said that their ceaseless contribution to running their Groups is so important to the continuing success of the Brentwood U3A. (Report and photos: Brian Leith)

Left to right: Paul Byford, outgoing treasurer, relaxes while Jo Benson exchanges views with Reg Anderson. 

Above: Chairman Dwyer-Joyce expresses his gratitude for the work that Convenors carry out in during the year. 

JULY 2006 -  Members of the Digital Imaging Group (formerly the Digital Photographic Group), went to the Windmill at Mountnessing for a field trip and undertook experiments with taking photographs using the various settings on their cameras. Convenor Rosemary Morris said their were some "unusual" results and most members present agreed that the "automatic" setting on their cameras were sufficient for their needs.

 Evina Montgomery lines up her subject.  (Photo: Geoffrey Spratt)

Jean Huggins looking professional concentrates on the job in hand(Photo: Rosemary Morris)

JANUARY 2006 - On a grey and chilly morning early 51 members set off for Ipswich to see the Eastern Angles Theatre Company perform their wildly funny musical comedy "The Day the Earth Wobbled a Bit!" The outing arranged by Gillian Gibbs on behalf of the Theatre Group, stopped at The Froize Restaurant, Chillesford, where they had a fine lunch after which they re-boarded the coach to make their way to the Sir John Theatre, Ipswich. The Eastern Angles Theatre Company is a small troupe who write and perform their own work which may be described as "off the wall." (Report and photo: Brian Leith)

The party look forward to an evening's entertainment by this highly professional group of actors. 



DECEMBER 2005 -  Theatre Group I arranged a trip to Hyland House, Chelmsford where they were treated to a recital of Christmas carols and other seasonal songs by a group of bell ringers. Below: As the members made their way back to their cars after the evening's performance a convenient fall of "snow" added just the right touch to the whole evening. (Photos: Rosemary Morris)



OCTOBER 2005 - Once a year a "thank you" evening is arranged in appreciation of the hard work undertaken by the Convenors  for the benefit of the members of their groups. Members of the Committee and around 30 Convenors enjoyed drinks and a fine supper of cold cuts and salad provided by Social Secretary Annette Dwyer-Joyce. This was followed by delicious deserts, provided by one or two of the members present. Thanking the Convenors, Chairman, Bob Dwyer-Joyce, said that the commitment shown by them was the heart of the Brentwood U3A. Without their dedication Brentwood U3A would quickly cease to be. All members owe them a debt of gratitude. (Photos: Bob Dwyer-Joyce)


Above (left to right): Myra Bruce (Painting and Drawing), Alan Braid (Bridge), Brian Leith (Newsletter Editor), Christina Tanner (Self-Help Computer Group), Harry Dennehy (Gardening), Annette Dwyer-Joyce (Social Secretary), Paul Byford (Treasurer), Jo Benson (View/Debate), Ann Franey (Secretary), Diane Bonny (Speaker's Secretary, seated) and Keith Bonny (Social History), look on as Christina presents a bouquet of flowers to Annette.


Above (left to right): Geoffrey Spratt ( Literature Group), Ron Taber (Photographic Group), Peter Fuller (Duplicate Bridge), Jean Grist  (Country Ambling Group), Christina Tanner  and Irene Briscoe (Family History). 


Above (left to right): Annette Dwyer-Joyce (Social Secretary), Paul Byford (Treasurer), Jo Benson (View/Debate), Keith Bonny (Social History). Seated: Diane Bonny (Speaker's Secretary), Doris Fairburn (Listening to Music), Barbara Dennehy (Theatre Group 1)

Above (left to right): Peggy Conley (Beginners Duplicate Club) and Christine Lipscombe (Travel Group), Bob Angus (Music Group) and Reg Anderson (Committee Member).  



JULY - Below: Members of the Self-help Computer Group met on a fine Sunday afternoon, for tea with cucumber sandwiches, followed by a large selection of pastries. Convenor, Christina Tanner presented Brian Leith (inset), with a gift in appreciation of his efforts in constructing the U3A web site. Pictured (left to right): Irene Briscoe, Geoffrey Spratt, Vera Ledger-Beadell, Peter Pearce, Evina Montgomery and Christina Tanner. (Photo: Brian Leith) 

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